Monday, March 31, 2014

One of the best pieces of news I  have ever heard: and Kenya's nanocredit have entered a partnership

Roughly speaking nanocredit searches out the most life critical network possibilities and then talks mobile (netgenertaion) billionnaires into sponsoring them (often by extending access which only has a marginal cost given their ownership of mobile space)

Nanocredit was IBM Entrepreneur of the year laureate. We now have the oportunity for women to linkin all the most exciting tests and ideas that begun when grameen phone in 1996 started testing partnerships designed round te world's poorest village mothers needs to network Founder of W4E is Naila Chowdury-the first female director of Grameen Phone. In exchange for linking in mobile leaders in the East with Aftica's nanocredit, she has the open licence to se what noanocredit partbners can he;p hispanic women and youth sustain across the Americas

Watch out for september 2o14 new york, this is when hostts ist annuall debriedf with first adues of the world of al the best news of women linking in to 2030now

Heslp us build a og of women4empowerment projects before this leapfrog good news

telcentres for acid victims to earn livelihoods- naila started this many years ago as a family owned project

after 15 yeras serving Muhammad yunus, naila came ove to the washington dc region - one of his foirts parterships was to help convene annual healthcheck day for over 3000 of maryland's poorest families

her daughter runs a jewelry design business modelled round increasing the livelihoods of jewlery craftsmen in India and region

W4E has signed a partnership with the Ethiopian Diaspora networks of Blessed Coffee. The hunt is on for up to 20 farming products (wehere quality is best prouced small) where the middlemen can be eliminated so that the 2 ends of the value chain thrive- in coffee's case the farmers in Etiopia, and those who build community and jobs round coffee-celebration rituals in the DC/MD region. Blessed coffee is the most interesting model we have found of the benefit corporation paradigm that MD was first in the world to legislate. Actually BCorps gain from collaborating with each other-s o if you think you spot a BCorps rising as fast as blessed coffee please tell us. Ethioians  (the laregst diapora in D region) also see it as their duty to host summits in which all ,millennial and doisapora groups can benchmark extremely sustaonble value chain models -see

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